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Primadonna gameplay jd4

Primadonna gameplay jd2016

Доступно в Just Dance 4 (DLC)
Just Dance Now
Just Dance Unlimited
Исполнитель Marina and the Diamonds
Из фильма
Год выпуска песни 2012
Дата выхода танца April 2, 2013 (JD4)
Сложность 2
Кол-во золотых движений 3
Кол-во "трясущихся" движений
Пол(ы) танцоров
Альтернативные версии
Режим Соло
Цвет в меню
Цвет пиктограмм Sepia Skin
Цвет перчатки Brilliant Rose
Подсветка слов Electric Violet
Счёт пиктограмм 171
Калорий сжигаемо (кКал)
Кодовое название PrimaDonna
Танцор Laura Ferretti
"Primadonna" by Marina and the Diamonds is featured on Just Dance 4 as a DLC, Just Dance Now, and Just Dance Unlimited

Appearance of the Dancer

Primadonna coach 1 big

The coach is shown to be a princess figure. She is wearing an orange short princess dress with vulturous orange ruffles. Her hair is put up in high hair and curls with a tiara. The coach also wears a necklace with a pink gemstone, two light green ribbons, dark purple tights, a garter, and red mid-high heels. Her glow is blue and her glove is hot pink.


The routine takes place in front of a giant purple chandelier, which sways and glistens during the routine. In the second part of the verses, it disappears and when the dancer points to the sides, a series of lavish luxuries, such as a present, a ring and perfume, appear.

Gold Moves

There are 3 Gold Moves in this routine:
Gold Moves 1 and 2: Put your hands in the air in a noble way.
Gold Move 3: Right after the coach runs close to the end, points your hands to the sides and lean forward.


  • This is the second song by Marina and the Diamonds in the series, after Oh No!
    • However, this song is the only one to be a DLC.
  • Along with Baby Girl and Die Young, this song is one of the final DLCs to be released for Just Dance 4.
    • Also, along with the same two songs, this song was accidentally released for a brief amount of time on the PlayStation Network during late-March 2012 for Just Dance 4.
  • This is the only April DLC for Just Dance 4 that hasn't been recycled.
  • In the Just Dance Unlimited and Just Dance Now menu, the song's title is shown as PrimaDonna instead of Primadonna.
  • On Just Dance Unlimited, there was a glitch with this song; after playing the song, the avatar wouldn't get unlocked. This was later fixed.
    • This also occurred to Miss Understood’s avatar on Just Dance Unlimited, as the avatar did not get unlocked after playing the song either.
  • If you look closely at some pictograms, you can notice that they have a very small grey pixel on one of their arms.




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